Monday, August 01, 2011

SoSG Streaking Winner: Mr. Customer Is Indeed Always Right

Blame Dioner Navarro.

Not only for his rotund state, his .197 BA and his 67 OPS+, and his overall lameness. No, Spank can blame Navarro for his at bat in the sixth inning, which threw the number of Dodger last-name vowels over the 9.5 threshold and allowed Mr. Customer to claim victory to the thrilling SoSG Streaking contest.

(I suppose one could also consider blaming Juan Rivera, who as the third batter of the inning did not GIDP (Ethier was on first) which would have ended the inning with only seven vowels in play, giving Spank the victory. But Rivera is batting .286 with a 121 OPS+ and is more difficult to blame, so I went with blaming Navarro. (Think of it this way; if AJ Ellis were batting, Spank would have won. Blame Navarro.))

Here's the final grid:

Thanks to everyone who played and congratulations to Mr. Customer. Send us your snail mail address, Mr. C., and a prize will be routed to you with the next batch of carrier pigeons.


Nostradamus said...

Free shit? Bitchin'.

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Hey Mr C, I can see your doodle