Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's So Bad, Frank McCourt Is Stealing Souvenirs From Small Children

Deadspin has a video of a kid who got a foul ball souvenir at today's game, only to have a Dodgers usher take the ball from the kid and walk away (before the camera cuts away).

Really? Has Frank McCourt sunk this low?

We all know times are tight for the Dodgers franchise. But there's only one person who knows why a kid who retrieved a foul ball during the sixth inning of today's game against the Phillies was forced to part with a lifelong souvenir. The world demands answers, mean Dodgers employee who probably handed the ball over as a gift to a lovechild after the game was over.

UPDATE: A reporter at the NBC affiliate in Los Angeles got a comment from the Dodgers about the video: "Dodgers told us the usher was goofing around and gave the kid the ball back, we will report that information in our sportscast at 11 p.m." So, if you're in L.A. or thereabouts, check out KNBC tonight.

Yeah, suuuuure. I don't have time to watch local news broadcasts. But take a look at the video at the link above and make your own call; even if this usher is just goofing around, he's still a jerk for screwing with a little kid's moment of glory and happiness.


spank said...

Aww man.That is some pretty fucked up shit right there. Even if they told that usher to retrieve foul balls,how can you after that kid got all excited like that. Cold blooded, heartless shit. BTW,that was no joke. No fucking way. This is the lowest I've ever felt as a Dodger fan.

No class.

spank said...

I'm very upset by that video.

Jason said...

I'm very upset that Spank is very upset.

DodgersKingsoftheGalaxy said...

This is the road we've been going down, not surprised at all. Let me see..not being allowed onto the Field level for autographs before a game or the bleachers to snag some balls, nope go over here and give us $30 for a game used ball that Eugenio Velez probably fouled off or $12 for a brand new one. Make me wait in a huge line of fake security that doesn't even have metal detectors, ok and then bust my balls about a wallet chain. Bust balls of a guy who is bringing in a pizza because of the box, even if i've seen the same thing get through just fine on the Reserve level. I think policy varies from person to person, when we showed up in person to buy that Yankee plan back in the day nobody knew wth to do until we found a rep. and she took us to her office and even then people were busting my balls for my disfigured print-at-home ticket. Not to mention what my cousin said, some of the employees themselves look sketchier than the fans and sure enough i read a story mentioning how they do illegal activities while on the job, a former employer who got canned revealed. Charge you $15 for parking, when you can simply let it be $10 and move traffic along faster if people don't have to wait for change, stupid. Bring out a million light towers into the parking lot after tens of people have been jumped. Move the CF fence all the way to the wall in BP so you have no chance of really getting a ball, also when guys steal balls from little kids don't do anything. You are just a customer, not a baseball fan, so shove it! As one guy sitting behind me said this year "man this place is like a cemetery", well make it that way if you want change sucka! If the guy on top doesn't give a shit why would you expect anyone else to? And why can i only listen to 3 innings of Vin Scully on the radio? Thanks for encouraging me to stay home.

Steve Sax said...

@DodgersKings323: You seem kind of on the fence here. Are you pro- or con-Dodgers front office administration? I'm confused.