Friday, August 12, 2011

Breaking News: Fernandomania Bobblehead - MISSING IN ACTION

I went out early this morning to pick up my LA Times and Cracked magazine, when I made a most grisly of discoveries.

My precious Bobblehead was last seen with these two small gentleman, who craftily hid their faces from a clear picture.

Sons of Steve Garvey will use its state of the art resources and knowledge of Mel Gibson's Ransom

to make sure Fernando is returned. And we will not negotiate with these Bobble-rists.


Fernie V said...

It was Roy Munson (Woody H.) remember what he did to the horse.

Jason said...

What, no "beaver" post tag?

Cliff Beefpile said...

I had a similar situation with my Hideo Nomo bobblehead, and while I first suspected the obvious, the Zhu Zhu pet mafia, it turned out it was my old He-Man toys who were just doing it for the ransom. I sent in an elite team of Transformers to take them out. Blood was spilled, lives were lost.

spank said...

Sharky did it.

Fernie V said...

It was Lotso