Sunday, May 08, 2011

Tressel's Punishment Definitely Unusual, If Not Cruel

Yeah, I know that Ohio State Football coach Jim Tressel was also suspended two whole games and fined $250K for withholding compliance issues from the NCAA until after the season. And the NCAA Ohio State added forcing Tressel to make a public apology, which I'm sure stings.

But it can't sting as much as this last part of his "punishment":

Meanwhile, as part of his punishment for not revealing his knowledge of his players' NCAA violations, Ohio State coach Jim Tressel will attend a five-day compliance seminar in June in Tampa, Fla. Ohio State spokesman Jim Lynch confirmed Saturday that Tressel would take part in the NCAA-sponsored event June 6-10 at a resort hotel on the waterfront.

Please, at least tell me he doesn't get to deep-sea fish or paraglide over those five days in Tampa. Or does the resort hotel have a good golf course?


Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

As I understand it, Tressel has not been punished by the NCAA yet. The punishments listed have been levied by Ohio State.

Steve Sax said...

thanks, edited

rbnlaw said...

Fuck him, and fuck The Ohio State University.

Arrogant pricks that they are.

Kyle Baker said...

Amen, RBN. Abandon that Sugar Bowl victory already so I can shave, OSU!

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

I liked that billboard put up near an Ohio highway.


rbnlaw said...

I'll shave OSU.