Wednesday, May 11, 2011

There Must Be Someone Left In This Town Not Related To Any McCourt Litigation

But apparently, finding individuals who have not been swept up in the McCourt maelstrom may be a challenge. Case in point, a newly-appointed assistant to Tom Schieffer had to be quickly rescinded:

During a Monday morning radio appearance in New York, Commissioner Bud Selig announced that he had appointed former San Diego Padres President Dick Freeman as an assistant to Dodgers trustee Tom Schieffer. Within hours, Major League Baseball had rescinded the appointment, citing only a "potential conflict."

The conflict: Freeman advised Jamie McCourt last year, during her divorce proceedings against Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, according to a letter sent Tuesday from Robert Sacks, an attorney for Frank McCourt, to Brad Ruskin, an attorney representing MLB.

"Unfortunately, this latest episode reinforces the concern that Mr. McCourt is being subjected to discriminatory and unfair treatment," Sacks wrote, "through a process designed to reach a predetermined outcome, without appropriate diligence, independence or care." [...]

"Once the potential conflict was brought to our attention by Mr. Freeman, we immediately determined not to proceed with his appointment," MLB Executive Vice President Rob Manfred said in a statement.

Whoops. Well, I'm sure there's someone out there free from McCourt tentacles.