Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Wally Yonamine, Pioneer

Wally Yonamine threw out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium on the Dodgers' Japanese American Community Night in 2004.

Wally Yonamine died on Monday at the age of 85. Yonamine was the first American to play baseball in Japan after WWII, in 1951. Oh, and before that, he was the first Asian American to play in the NFL, for the 49ers in 1947. Wow.

The obituaries are referring to Yonamine as "the Nisei Jackie Robinson," but "the Nisei Bo Jackson" works as well. Hats off to this real trailblazer.

(Thanks to @ChadMoriyama for the news.)

photo by Mikey Hirano Culross/Rafu Shimpo


Kyle Baker said...

The Nisei from Mrs Dusty's family mourn this loss.