Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A Pause for Good Causes

  • Geof a.k.a. Central Valley Fan writes in with a fundraising update:
    Quick update, up till now I have raised almost $100. I have till the end of march to raise $3,000, so I’m starting to sweat. Then today, they dropped the gauntlet hard!

    Every game I go to, I always think, man I wish it was me as a kid getting to run out there and get an autograph from a Dodger, or now, man I can’t wait to have a kid to get to do that! But here it is, Chocolate in my Peanut Butter! If I can get $1,000 raised starting Wednesday, I get to do that! So I need my fellow Sons' help! I’m hitting up everyone I know, to hold on, but then donate starting Wednesday.

    To prepare, I ran a 2-mile race this last weekend and placed 6th in my age group of 30-34.

    Thanks for your help and I promise if I get to do this, I will videotape it and share it with everyone on here!

    Geof's fundraising page is here.

  • It's Scorekeeping Week at Pitchers & Poets! While I personally am too easily distracted to keep score for an entire game, I appreciated this sentiment from Eric:
    Buried in the subconscious of the every amateur scorekeeper is the fantasy that someday, years into the future, a researcher will stumble across that mustard-stained scorecard from a Sunday afternoon in Arlington, and use it to construct the final, Rosebud-like paragraph of said scorekeeper’s biography.

    And if you're put off by the the tools of traditional scorekeeping, P&P has an interview with someone who's changing all that. If Moleskine Made a Scorebook: The Bethany Heck Interview


Pride of Dong said...

I have been planning a way to run the race, not only for the Dodgers and Think Cure, but to represent all us Sons and Dad too!

Pride of Dong said...

Ok, here's the deal, IF I get to $1000 as one of the lucky 8. The lucky Son that donates the most will get a great prize!

Remember Smonkster?

My wife is a great seamstress, she will recreate Smonkster, I will then run the race holding him, he will get his picture taken with me during the race. Then Smonkster will go with me out on to the field to meet which ever Dodger I'm assigned to. I will get that player to either sign or pose for a pic with him.

Then the Son that donates the most gets Dopple-Smonkster!

Hows that for a challenge?

Pride of Dong said...

Game On everyone, first 8 people to raise a $1000 wins! Let it be a Son!