Sunday, March 13, 2011

MLB 2011 Videogames: Who Does Dodger Stadium Better?

Via kotaku, you make the call.

MLB 2K11:

Or, MLB 11 The Show:

I think it's gotta be The Show, right?


Kyle Baker said...

Yeah, probably The Show but I can't hate either way. But then again, any video game that features actual realistic graphics of any sort and not tiny moving blips is still a thing of wonder for me. #ChildoftheEighties

Josh S. said...

The Show, fo' sho'.

I don't know what that generic green backstop stuff is supposed to be in 2K11.

Gagne's lucky glasses said...

What is up with the Statefarm advertisement in the background of the Show one? Is that new to Dodger Stadium or something they added?

Pedro Guerrero said...

Dodger Blue looks more true in The Show

Fred's Brim said...

They've both seen what Dodger stadium looks like, right? It's hard to tell here

The Show has the yellow seating and on-field banner space right but I am with GLG: What the hell us up with the State Farm ad?

MLB 2K11 looks like it could be any stadium. You should be able to see up Mary Hart's skirt but they have 2 extra banners there

The Show is the closest though.
And Bills is about to throw a fastball that tails off the plate for ball 1

Nostradamus said...

The Show has a little more contrast and vertical relief, and I think it makes the field look nicer, but I don't think the ads behind the plate are asymmetrical like that.

The State Farm banner is goofy. I don't remember the wall behind the bourgeois seats being that tall, and having an ad there really brings attention to it.