Monday, March 07, 2011

Kim Ng Is MoviNg On

Her name has been coming up during a lot of general manager searches, and now it appears Kim Ng has finally found a job that's taking her away from the Dodgers. From "Ng leaving Dodgers for MLB post" by Ken Gurnick at

Kim Ng, Dodgers vice president and assistant general manager, is leaving the franchise to become senior vice president of baseball operations with MLB, according to a baseball source.

The Dodgers could not confirm the report.

Ng, 42, would have been entering her 10th season with the Dodgers and was the first woman to interview for a general manager's job in 2005, when Ned Colletti got the job. In 2008, she was interviewed for the Seattle Mariners GM job.

Best wishes to Ng, a true trailblazer on a team known for blazing trails. She leaves big shoes to fill in the Dodgers organization, especially for whoever gets to handle arbitration cases next.

UPDATE: From "Kim Ng leaves Dodgers for MLB post" by Tony Jackson at

Ng will report directly to former Dodgers manager Joe Torre, who retired from managing last September and was named executive vice president of operations for MLB last week. She will remain with the Dodgers through their March 31 season opener against the San Francisco Giants.

"We haven't worked out all the details, but a lot of my focus will be on international operations, such as the Dominican Republic," Ng said at the Dodgers' spring-training complex. "I talked to Joe, and he described the job, and it was something of interest to me. It took a while to process and think about. I finally came to the conclusion this job was a fantastic opportunity that I couldn't afford to let pass me by."

Ng denied that her decision had anything to do with any instability within the Dodgers organization resulting from owner Frank McCourt's divorce and the possibility that the team will have to be sold.

"This is really about the opportunity in front of me," she said. "Like I said, I have a chance to help Joe help the commissioner in changing policy and having an impact on the game in a meaningful way. That [instability] really wasn't a part of this. Frank has been very good to me, and [general manager] Ned [Colletti] has been very good to me. This was an extremely difficult decision for me. I have been with this organization for almost half my career, and that was a big factor.


Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Le sigh.

Steve Sax said...

Dammit. Can't blame Ng for finally abandoning S.S. McCourt, but a huge loss for the Dodgers.

Good luck, Kim! We'll be missiNg you!

Greg Hao said...

FUCK! This is horrible news. 'Course, if I recall correctly, this is her second time working for MLB.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

At least she didn't jump ship to another team.

spank said...

Senior vice president of baseball operations yet know one gave her a chance as a G.M.


Fred's Brim said...

Damn that's no good. I wonder if she is following Torre

Kyle Baker said...

FuckiNG hell! Horrible news. Mh anti-McCourt quotient just went up 3 notches to 11.

MeanieBreanie said...

Congrats to her! I love to see strong, gritty women come out ahead in a male dominated industry.

Fred's Brim said...

I should have read the actual article. Torre you bastard, you've screwed us again! He'll probably pitch her too many days back-to-back and ruin her by mid-season