Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Dad, Joyriding Around Town Again

Rolling in my 5.0
Leaning far to the right so my hair won't blow

Hat tip to SoSG regular Gagne's Lucky Glasses for finding this picture here.


Fred's Brim said...

Pups of Steve Garvey!

Where is his right hand? That dog doesn't seem to mind

spank said...

Pop's seems to be having one hell of a time. I wonder what he was drinking?

karina said...

lovely pup!

Jason said...

I strongly support bringing back the bullpen car if for no other reason then it increases the likelihood of an over-Chardonnay-ed team intern running over Brian Wilson after dropping him off on the mound at the big phone booth.

Geof N Jewely said...

I vote no. Among the things I hate when I drive up to the bay for a game is seeing that damn seal, (really, a seal?) driving the knock off of Lightning McQueen, it's terrible! I say have the car be apart of the VIP tour!

Gagne's lucky glasses said...

Not sure if you need to quote the right source or not but it was posted on the Dodgers Facebook page yesterday, I just re-hosted it.

Awesome pic...your pop's definitely looks like he was on the sauce there.

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

Unless Dad hangs out with other Bulldogs - and a man like Steve Garvey is known for wanderlust - I believe he is hanging with famed skateboarder TILLMAN.

Which means this pic is from Bark at the Park, as covered by yours truly HERE.

Note: that also could be the winner of the Tillman lookalike contest, meaning it's just an ordinary bulldog thrust in the spotlight for 15 seconds. One who used its temp celeb status to rub elbows with Pop.