Saturday, December 25, 2010

Xmas Cheer, SoSG-Style


Epale, mofos! Although the 2010 MLB season was like getting knofed in the robs by an MSB (hatehateHATE!), we hope Santa still left gifts Rancho Ardiendo'ed under your tree this year. UJTD? Not today!



Kyle Baker said...

Hairy mistress, everyone!

Kyle Baker said...

ps- That was a nice summation of the past SoSG season in just one brief paragraph. Now, will that fit on my tombstone?

Steve Sax said...

Happy Christmas everyone!

spank said...

Merry Christmas! Lasorda,too. Might as well,fool won't leave.

@ Orel- Right on,homeboy

spank said...


Kyle Baker said...

Dusty's Xmas Swag:

From Mrs. Dusty:

Vintage 1988 (still in box) Fernando action figure from Kenner

DVD collection of every 1988 Dodgers playoff game uncut

From MDIL:

T-shirt w/ Brooklyn on front and Robinson #42 on back

Dodgers bumper for my iPhone

Eric Karros said...

Orel - thanks for trial test of SoSG keyword generator Beta version. I'd say it's ready for wide release.

Merry Christmas all!


Steve Sax said...

Sax's kids are in heaven. Santa apparently thought they were nice.

Generous grandparents rock the house, too.

Kyle Baker said...

Sax's kids ip in dat bish! Not surprised you have nice kids. I chalk it up to good parenting!

Kyle Baker said...

It may just be the entire jug of champagne talking that I just downed for brunch, but I'd like to send a special holiday shoutout to the fine people who bring us SoSG cheer throughout the year. Your loyal readers continue to appreciate what you guys do!

Except you, Lasorda. (dead man walking)