Thursday, December 09, 2010

Crawford To Sox Means Beltre Starts Talks?

By swiping Carl Crawford away from the Angels' clutches yesterday, the BoSox have made third baseman Adrian Beltre expendable, according to the LA Times:

The failure to sign Crawford, a two-way threat who was seen as a perfect fit for Angels Manager Mike Scioscia, is expected to push the Angels toward free-agent third baseman Adrian Beltre and, possibly, closer Rafael Soriano.

There is an outside chance the Angels could jump into the bidding for pitcher Cliff Lee, a star left-hander whom the Angels have inquired about but not pursued seriously.

The Angels, according to a source familiar with negotiations, have expressed "serious" interest in Beltre, who hit .321 with 28 home runs, 49 doubles and 102 runs batted in for Boston last season. The feeling appears to be mutual.

"Obviously, Adrian has a home in Los Angeles and he's played in L.A.," said Scott Boras, Beltre's agent. "He's very comfortable in the marketplace."

Boras said negotiations for Beltre, the former Dodger who is seeking a deal in the five-year, $75-million range, are "moving quickly" and that a decision could be made by the end of this week.

Adds ESPN:

The Oakland Athletics reportedly withdrew a five-year, $64 million offer to Beltre on Sunday. According to Susan Slusser of the SF Chronicle, there's no particular indication that the A's would consider renewing talks unless Beltre's options dwindle to the point that he's a relative bargain.

The Chicago White Sox might have been interested, but they are out of the chase after spending their free agent dollars on Adam Dunn and Paul Konerko.

GET IN THERE, NED! Bring back Beltre!


Wicks said...

I called this garbage years ago before the Sox won the WS. The national media was in love with them and I knew that since they hated the Yanks so much that once they won the WS they would turn into another Yank type team who spent their way to the top.

Now I'm probably angry because the Dodgers should be the NL version of the Yanks and Soxs but our owners over the past decades haven't spent the cash. Hopefully that will change when the McCheaps have to sell.

rbnlaw said...

What Wicks said.

Also, let's compare:

Crawford: .290 hitter, 19 HR's
Beltre: .321 hitter, 28 HR's and 102 RBI against pitching that included the Rays staff of (alleged) aces.

The Crawford deal was comical, at best, and at worst, agent pimping run amok. The only downside to signing Beltre is that it would be the final nail in J. Mart's Dodger coffin.

If you could call it a "downside." Casey Blake, meet your new platoon partner, Jay Gibbons. Pay no attention to the fat kid who looks a lot like Tony Gwynn.

rbnlaw said...

Pardon gratuitous comma usage.

Nostradamus said...

I think the lesson to learn here is that fans of teams that perpetually win are assholes.

Oh, to be such an asshole.

NicJ said...

I think it's a little different with sox fans. They aren't necessarily asshole but jut more annoying. It happens to every fan base that are considered "loveable losers" and finally win and become unbearable. (Gints :/ )
Kinda like when the ugly girl turns hot and automatically turns into a bitch.

Wicks said...

Sorry about my rant the AL East pisses me off........

Nostradamus said...


I don't necessarily consider the Medias Rojas in the same "lovable loser" category as the Cubs, Indians, etc. Where as those clubs were routinely terrible, Sox fans have always considered themselves to be more "oppressed" as opposed to "unlucky", which translates particularly well into becoming as bad or worse than what they're fighting against.

(disclaimer: Mr. C's Sox-loving proclivities are extensive and well documented, but he totally gets the anti-sox sentiment.)

karina said...

All I want for Christmas is: my son, King James and that too much to ask?

rbnlaw said...

Holy Shit!!!

Red Sox make offer to Russell Martin!!

(see MLB Daily Dish)

Josh S. said...

Crahfahd, then Mahtin?

Seriously though, I will be Le Sad if Russ doesn't come back to L.A. in some capacity. Sounds like he wants to catch, and the Dodgers don't want him for that. Can't blame him for looking elsewhere.

Steve Sax said...

Russell post added up top.

I appreciate that Russell wants to catch but let's face it, this guy's body is betraying him by the second, and I wish he would think about what is going to keep him in the game for a longer duration. That, and the fact that it's butt-cold in Boston and they talk funny.

Nostradamus said...


"...and the talk funny."

Well, he is Canadian, after all.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

@MC (1:23)