Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Jim Tracy Collapses At Wniter Meetings

Normal doses of sarcasm aside, this newsbit is serious: Colorado Rockies coach Jim Tracy collapsed this morning and was hospitalized:

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- Colorado Rockies manager Jim Tracy collapsed early Tuesday at a hotel during the baseball winter meetings and was hospitalized for further tests.

Tracy was resting comfortably at a hospital in the Orlando area on Tuesday morning, the team said. A cause of the collapse had not been determined.

Tracy, who turns 55 on Dec. 31, was with Colorado coaches Carney Lansford and Tom Runnells and about to get onto an elevator at the meetings site when he collapsed around 1 a.m., team spokesman Jay Alves said.

Alves, who said he was with Tracy at the time, said the manager didn't lose consciousness. Tracy was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

Get well soon, Jim.


Kyle Baker said...

Did I maintain consciousness throughout the spell? Absolutely.

Steve Sax said...

dude, you are ON A FLIGHT and still dropping sarcastic and hilarious comments about a person's health!


Kyle Baker said...

In-flight surly factor: 3
Bloody Mary status: dangerously dry

Kyle Baker said...


Bloody Mary situation alleviated.

Alias Season 5: cued up.

MR.F said...

Do I sincerely hope Jim Tracy is okay? Yes, I do.

Do I feel guilty for expressing my wishes like this? Slightly.

Nostradamus said...

Am I conflicted because I still dislike his ridiculous face, yet wish him no ill will? It seems safe to say that.

Kyle Baker said...

Did I just order a second Bloody for the last two hrs of my flight? I'll let others be the judge of that.

MR.F said...

Has Jim Tracy just been discharged from the hospital? Yes, he has.