Friday, December 10, 2010

Colletti Knits Large Dodgers Sweater

Vicente Padilla passed his physical, so he is definitely back for 2011 (one year, $2M plus incentives).

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- Free-agent pitcher Vicente Padilla passed his physical exam on Thursday, making official his one-year contract to return to the Dodgers.

And having missed time with two injuries in 2010, passing the physical was no slam dunk for Padilla, who will earn a base salary of $2 million, plus as much as $8 million more in incentives if he makes 33 starts or as much as $6 million more in relief incentives.

It's uncertain exactly what Padilla's role will be in 2011. The Dodgers already had five starting pitchers -- Clayton Kershaw, Chad Billingsley, Ted Lilly, Hiroki Kuroda and Jon Garland -- when they worked out the deal with Padilla earlier this week.

Technically, Padilla isn't in the rotation, although he was the Dodgers' Opening Day starter in 2010 and he probably believes he can beat out Jon Garland for the fifth spot, potentially presenting Don Mattingly with his first dilemma as the new manager.

The Dodgers like the right-hander's versatility and envision him as the ultimate swingman -- capable of spot starting, throwing multiple innings of middle relief or even transitioning to closing if Jonathan Broxton falters.

Jonathan Broxton faltering? Nah, that never happens.

(I know this news isn't new since our last Padilla post, but I couldn't resist the headline.) Meanwhile, Tony Gwynn Jr. and Dioner Navarro are still pending physicals.

photo: AP


Josh S. said...

Meanwhile, Dioner Navarro ate Tony Gwynn Jr.

rbnlaw said...

I just got the report on the Gwynn and Navarro physicals:

The doctors said they were both fat.

Any questions?

Fred's Brim said...

This seems like the situation where Padilla turns back into asshole Padilla:
- No defined role
- No strong personalities (Torre, Bowa, Duncan) in the dugout to keep him in line
- Potential mediocre season for the team

If we end up cutting him this year like the Rangers did, does that mean we go to the World Series in 2012?

Josh S. said...

I don't know, FB, I'd kinda love to see a clubhouse run by asshole Padilla. Could be fun.

They won't win shit, but it would be entertaining to watch.

Jason said...

I'm hoping Battletoad is back to fill the bullpen roll for retaliation beanings. Padilla may end up leading the league in ejections this season just from games played in Payphone Park.

Kyle Baker said...

I agree w Jason. Just want him to start plunking some mofos.

(I mean I want Battletoad to do so, but it would be good if Jason did, too.)

Nostradamus said...

Agreed. We may not be that good, but we should at least be entertaining.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

"We may not be that good, but we should at least be entertaining."

The logic of the Miami Heat, ladies and gentlemen.