Monday, December 06, 2010

Daddy Denied

Though Dad "supports" many, the feeling wasn't mutual by the Hall of Fame voters (yet). From the NY Times:

Pat Gillick, the former general manager of the Blue Jays, the Baltimore Orioles, the Seattle Mariners and the Philadelphia Phillies, was named on 13 of 16 ballots, with 12 needed for election. Steinbrenner, who owned the Yankees from 1973 until his death on July 13, was named on fewer than eight ballots.

None of the other players on the ballot received much support. They were Vida Blue, Steve Garvey, Ron Guidry, Tommy John, Al Oliver, Ted Simmons and Rusty Staub. The closest any of those players came to election through the Baseball Writers’ Association of America was Garvey’s high total of 41.6 percent; a candidate needs 75 percent to be elected.

Before the next ballot, I IMPLORE all voters to watch the following, which demonstrates how our Dad's a god amongst men (one who even the government deemed fit to hire as protector).