Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Jamie McCourt Prevails; Dodger Fans Get Christmas Present of Years of Future Limbo and Entropy

Yeah, I know this is going to further appeals, but minutes ago, Judge Scott Gordon ruled that Jamie McCourt has a valid claim to co-own the Dodgers:

Frank McCourt is not the sole owner of the Dodgers, a judge ruled Tuesday, a decision that keeps the team in legal limbo for what might be several more years.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon granted Jamie McCourt's plea to throw out a 2004 marital agreement that would have left her without an ownership share in the Dodgers.

"The court finds that the marital property agreement is not a valid and enforceable agreement," Gordon wrote in his ruling. "The court orders that the marital property agreement is set aside."

To be updated through the day...

UPDATE 12/7 10:35a: Molly Knight adds, in her fourth paragraph, this tidbit:

The McCourts' divorce recently was finalized. They have four grown sons.

To which we should probably add this factoid:

Jamie McCourt has blonde hair.

More hard-hitting news to come.

UPDATE 1:22p: Molly moved the four grown sons point to her last paragraph instead. Nice.


Nostradamus said...

sellSellSELL, Ya bahstads!

Nostradamus said...

Shit! Novelty avatar no longer up in this bish.

Nostradamus said...

No, seriously.


Orel said...

Jamie for President!

Kyle Baker said...

Does this extended limbo mean that there is more of a likelihood of them "jointly" selling? He can't afford the lawyers forever given the debt situation. And does he really want to sit next to her at games now since I assume this ruling means he has no right to lock her out any more?


Steve Sax said...

UPDATED with Molly Knight goodness.

Kyle Baker said...

Steve Lopez column in LA Timez:

"The good news in that is obvious: With the two McCourts dividing assets and showing no inclination to agree on anything, they might have to unload the team to get on with their lives."

I think this is the consensus building around the ruling's implications.

I for one can't wait for Opening Day, regardless of all this crap. Put Kid K on the mound and have him throw at some mofos in the 7th. I'll be there telling Timmeh what to do with his hair. Then we can send Battletoad in for some plinking relief.

Pistol Pete Reiser said...

Another Rowand plunking... interesting...

I'd pay to see a bench-clearing, balls-out, curb-stomp of the Chuckers on Opening Day - it'd prove our guys are alive and pissed, and not taking any $hit this year.

Out of the ashes... grrrrrr

Pedro Guerrero said...

Dusty basically summed it up nicely.
This is the best hope to get the McCourt's the fck out of here. Neither can have the team individually and they won't own it together. It's like the former Padres owners forced to sell in their divorce. Would love to see someone who wants to win (not to turn it into their cash cow) buy the Dodgers....maybe Magic Johnson could put together a crew or even Mark Cuban.

Nostradamus said...

I concur with the dessicated corpse of Pedro Guerrero.