Monday, December 06, 2010

Scenes From This Past Weekend

At Home Depot in Hollywood this weekend, I noticed a woman bringing her little hybrid over to schlep her just-purchased Christmas tree back home. Rather than risk scratching the top of her Prius, however, she decided to use a Dodgers fleece blanket SGA as her protective layer.

Gotta protect the Prius, I suppose.

In other pressing news, Justin Timberlake has a sore calf. Get well soon, JT!


Nostradamus said...

Systematic deforestation at 55 mpg. I hereby declare that ironic (not even Alanironic!)

Steve Sax said...

I didn't even realize that irony. Drive a Prius, whack the forests.

Nicely done, Mr. C!

karina said...

*hyperventilates* Tony Jackson is saying through Twitter the Dodgers are in talks to trade King James and Brox to the Brewers for Prince Fielder.


If it is so, I want to lead a modern witch-hunting where I plan to burn McCourt (both of them), Colletti and anyone who thinks that's a good idea ALIVE.

*keeps hyperventilating*

Nostradamus said...

Well, Christmas Tree farms barely count as forest, but they're probably shipped on a big-ass diesel truck, for good measure. Good enough for me!

Nostradamus said...

That would make Bills the last of the big prospects from that fabled Jacksonville team still with the club, right? That's pretty sad. Where did we go wrong?