Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hoping for Cody Ross Magic from Tony Gwynn Jr.

Get this guy into rodeo clown classes, stat; Tony Gwynn Jr. passed his physical and is now the Dodgers' 2011 superfluous outfielder option:

Tony Gwynn passed his physical exam on Saturday and officially became the Dodgers' fourth outfielder and defensive specialist.

Whether he becomes the starting left fielder is to be determined. General manager Ned Colletti said before leaving the Winter Meetings that he's still looking for a starting left fielder, preferably right-handed, as Gwynn and Jay Gibbons give the Dodgers left-handed platoon options.

Gwynn, the son of Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn, was non-tendered by the Padres last week. He signed a one-year, $675,000 deal, a cheaper alternative to Scott Podsednik, who Colletti said hasn't been completely ruled out even though he also bats left-handed. Gwynn essentially replaces right-handed hitting Reed Johnson, the fourth outfielder last season and now a free agent.

Gwynn, 28, adds defense and speed to a roster that doesn't have much of either. His batting average fell from .270 in 2009 to .204 this past season, when he played in 117 games and stole a career-high 17 bases. Defensively, he has outstanding range and can play any of the three outfield positions.

Of other available free agents, Bill Hall seems to be the lukewarm favorite from an undistinguished group. Playing part-time in Boston this year, Hall hit .247 with 18 homers and 46 RBIs. His best year was 2006, when he slugged 35 homers with 85 RBIs while playing for the Brewers. He made $8.525 million in 2010 and would be looking at a significant cut from that to sign with the Dodgers. Hall also can play the middle infield, another asset Colletti values.

Gwynn doesn't have much pop, so we continue to load up on guys who can't hit the long ball. Yay.


Kyle Baker said...

I think of him like I think of a third nipple.

Steve Sax said...

Thanks, Marky Mark

Kyle Baker said...


Kyle Baker said...

Bill Hall? This can't be right. I thot Josh told me we weren't signing any more shitty players.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

We need to mobilize a protective group to set up outposts near the home of every Dodger blogger. If the team retains Scott Podsednik, we'll have a serious predicament on our hands.

Kyle Baker said...

I'll definitely heed your call to arms when necessary, MLASC. But the sad part is that if it's SPods, I would actually be relieved as opposed to if it were some doofus like the aforementioned Bill Hall.