Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dodgers Seventh in Off-Season Spending So Far

According to MLB Trade Rumors, the Dodgers are seventh in off-season spending so far this off-season. What's more noticable however is the dropoff to the #8 team, the Cardinals...which means that the Dodgers are the least-spending team of the top tier (which inlcudes the Nationals, White Sox, and Tigers, if one can call them the "top tier" without snickering):

Here are the details on each team's spending so far this winter:

1. Boston Red Sox - $172M ($142M contract for Carl Crawford, $12.5M option for David Ortiz, $12M contract for Bobby Jenks, $3M contract for Dan Wheeler, $2M contract for Jason Varitek, $455K option for Scott Atchison)

2. Washington Nationals - $128.5M ($126M contract for Jayson Werth, $1.5M contract for Rick Ankiel, $1M contract for Chien-Ming Wang)

3. Philadelphia Phillies - $125.5M ($120M contract for Cliff Lee, $5.5M contract for Jose Contreras)

4. Chicago White Sox - $120.25M ($56M contract for Adam Dunn, $37.5M contract for Paul Konerko, $13M contract for Jesse Crain, $8M contract for A.J. Pierzynski, $3M option for Matt Thornton, $1.75M extension for Omar Vizquel, $1M option for Ramon Castro)

5. Detroit Tigers - $99.25M ($50M contract for Victor Martinez, $16.5M contract for Joaquin Benoit, $11.5M extension for Brandon Inge, $11.25M contract for Jhonny Peralta, $10M contract for Magglio Ordonez)

6. New York Yankees - $93M ($51M contract for Derek Jeter, $30M contract for Mariano Rivera, $8M contract for Pedro Feliciano, $4M contract for Russell Martin)

7. Los Angeles Dodgers - $90.18M ($33M extension for Ted Lilly, $21M contract for Juan Uribe, $12M contract for Hiroki Kuroda, $12M contract for Matt Guerrier, $5MM contract for Jon Garland, $3.5M contract for Rod Barajas, $2M contract for Vicente Padilla, $1M contract for Dioner Navarro, $680K contract for Tony Gwynn)

8. St. Louis Cardinals - $42.35M ($16.5M contract for Jake Westbrook, $16M option for Albert Pujols, $8M contract for Lance Berkman, $1.1M contract for Gerald Laird, $750K contract for Brian Tallet)

The Angels are 14th, at $23M.

And might I add that all we need to do is pick up Adrian Beltre, whose offer from the Angels has been pulled off the table--and we too could be #1. NUMBER ONE, baby!


spank said...

I'm giving in. Sign Beltre. Might as well. Mang.

Greg Zakwin said...

But Sax, we're already # 1.

In pointless and detrimental offseason spending.

rbnlaw said...

le sigh.

Kyle Baker said...

Damn you for reminding me about Dinner Navarro!

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Top three teams have allocated most of their money to one player.

We are a democracy in Chavez Ravine. A democracy I say!

rbnlaw said...

Democracy? The Ravine has become a welfare state for retreads.

Steve Sax said...

Are you old and out of work? Call Ned!