Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Blogger Night - A Second (Tardy) Take

The joy of Blogger Night was already beautifully covered by my esteemed colleague, Steve Sax (and as all the bloggers discovered, that's not his real name). Once again, the Dodgers treated us bloggers with great warmth and respect... all the more shocking considering what is posted by some of us. Though Tommy Lasorda did not make it by this time, we were still fortunate enough to have extended visits by Ned Colletti, Ron Cey, and the highlight of my evening... the Miller High Life guy!

Speaking of beer, Sax and I were the fastest to bring alcoholic beverages into the box. But we were far from alone in our gluttony. Ron Cey even commented on how the vegetables and healthy wraps were untouched by the Hot-Dog devouring bloggers. Just to prove him wrong, I posed with a healthy snack alternative...


... which I promptly disposed of in favor of the hot dogs, chips, wings, popcorn, sodas, and desert cart (S'mores Cake, where have you been all my life!) This picture is why Sax needed to use a wheelbarrow to get me back to my car.

But it wasn't all about food. Especially if your (fake) name is Sax. Yes, he might have gone with California casual footwear...

... he was all business with his hands. While the rest of us were listening to Ned between bites of hot dog, "Scoop" Sax typed away furiously, bringing you the hot topics in real-ish time.

The other bloggers proved to be a friendly gang who do not live in their parents' basements. (Cause LA homes are usually one level:-) In fact, the Bloggers tend to have significant others, jobs, lives, and could talk about things besides baseball and the Simpsons. Except for one guy who gave Sax lip, it's a great bunch - hopefully we'll see a lot of them at THE EVENT.

We were all drawn into what became a tense battle with the Marlins. Sax already quoted my "Fool's Gold" comment to Ely. I was much more worked up by the appearance of Garret Anderson, a player whom Ned defended as a strong clubhouse example. When he returned to the dugout after a weak ass ground-out, I shouted "Now go lead!"

We didn't win the game - unless victories are counted by consumption of calories. Sax and I did not even stick around for the fireworks.

But it was one of the great nights of my eleven years in this city, and I am so grateful that the Dodgers view bloggers as legit enough to be included in such festivities. At least, until Ned Colletti actually reads our material.


Kyle Baker said...

Wait, someone gave Sax some lip?? Shit is on. Blogger beatdown comin'.

We need leather jackets, a catchy logo patch, and some brass knuckles.

Kyle Baker said...

Good writeup, DD! Thanks again to you and Sax for representin' and coming back with good notes and thoughts, if not poorer healthy eating habits.

I liked your comment about CA houses only having one level so bloggers from here can't live in their parents' basements. Begging the question, would they if they could? The answer has to be yes.

karina said...

what does exactly "one guy who gave Sax lip"mean?

Greg Zakwin said...

Nice recap, and I realized just now that I confused you and Sax last time.

Or something like that, I don't even know anymore, shit's too confusing.

Regardless, it looks like Joe Buck is sitting in front of you in one of the last pics.

And Dusty's pic is only slightly gay.

Josh S. said...

@karina: To "give someone lip" is to speak disrespectfully to someone. You're "running your mouth" at them. The disrespect can be either playful (as it is around here sometimes) or genuine.

karina said...

What, someone disrespected Sax?. Move around, we don't need brass knuckles or anyone else.

My south american sangre caliente (as Neeebs describes it) is going to take care. No physical violence, only a good ol' tirade and that guy will wish he wasn't even born.

No one messes with my darling Sons.

karina said...

Thanks sax for the live-in update that day.

spank said...

Something always happens to the Delino's left when they snap a pic of him.

Jason said...

@DD - VSIMH has a couple of videos up from Blogger Night and you can distinctly hear a cry of "Now go lead!" about 10 seconds into the first.

Green Lantern JBJ of Sector 1138 said...

no way you guys meet the miller high life dewwd? did he gank the beer from the luxury boxes an bring it to the bloggers thirsty for the champagne of beers?