Friday, July 30, 2010


You enter this room and immediately notice something different.

It's completely dark. Apparently, no light of any color is being emitted from any wall, ceiling, or floor. The room is still very cold, like the others, but you have no idea what else it contains. "It's dark in here," Jasmine observes.

You fumble for your matches, and in the dark manage to light one. You look around. Sure enough, all the walls are pitch black. There don't appear to be any letters etched in any of them. There is however firewood in the middle of the room, as with the other rooms. There are also two doors out, each situated a bit awkwardly:

  • The first straddles the ceiling and the East wall
  • The other door is actually in the corner, where the South wall, ceiling, and East wall converge.

You are sure you've stumbled upon a special room, where answers must lie. With the lit match still burning in your hand, you bend down and light the firewood. The word "Cancer" appears.

Jotting it down as you did the other words, you hear Jasmine again: "Hey! Look what I found!" You see her reach down and pick up a scrap of paper. She hands it to you - it reads:

Three twists you have, now think them through
Among three axes you may choose
If in three twists the walls align
A secret message shall be thine

But first explore this maze of rooms
Within each one bright colors loom
Except this one where 'Cancer' burns
This one can't shine nor twist nor turn

And wait - before your first such twist
Read the floor**, I must insist
Then don't perform your second twist
If still the south wall's** words are missed

And right before twist number three
The east wall's** wisdom I would heed
Then when you're done with all three turns
Read the words that burn, burn, burn

Read West to East*, then High to Low
Then South to North, and then you'll know
Where and when to go, my friend
To find your father once again.

Whoa. You're not sure what this all means. Three 'twists'? You feel as if your journey has been full of twists. "What should we do?" you ask Jasmine.

"Well, it says to make sure we explore the maze first. Let's make sure we hit all rooms before trying to figure out what to do next."

Jasmine is making sense. You are truly excited at the specific reference to your father. You must be on the right path! You better do as the note says. Which door do you take?:

*Note: Bolded portion corrected from earlier incorrect text "East to West."
**Hint #3 (11:25am): by 'floor', 'south wall', and 'east wall' don't mean the floor/walls of the individual room. It refers to the floor/walls of the entire structure