Friday, July 30, 2010


You stumble into the next room, and this one's got an overpowering red hue to it. Looking around, you see this is because the South wall is fitted with a red tinted ice-window, which serves as the room's sole light source. Furthermore, in the middle of the window, there is etched a huge "2".

On the floor of the room there's more firewood. This time you know what to do. You light it on fire, and see the following word appear amongst the flames:


Again, you and Jasmine aren't sure what to do with this, but decide to file it away in your collective bear brains.

Strangely, the door you entered through seems to have disappeared. Scanning the room, you see a hatch leading up into the ceiling. It seems to be your only exit.

Note: The numeric title of this post, as well as all other similar posts that are part of this puzzle, is irrelevant to the solving of the puzzle. They are merely used in its construction