Wednesday, July 21, 2010

At Game Recap: Dodgers vs Giants

Ten observations of the day.

1. Left late.

2. Traffic sucked.

3. Sat with a Giant fan.

4. Ticket guy lied to us and our group sat in 2 different sections when he said we would only be an aisle apart.

5. Missed Ethier's homerun.

6 Loney Bobblehead was broken (arm doesn't screw into the socket).

7. Had to leave early.

8. Heard Steiner say something like "If George Sherrill got out of this inning, it could turn his whole season around" and RIGHT THEN, I knew he was going to blow it. Thanks Charlie.

9. Giant fan texted me "HAHAHAHAHA."

10. Dodgers sucked. Yeah yeah, put the damn loss in the sidebar. I'm so fricken' mad.


Fred's Brim said...

post that VaGiant fan's number here

Eric Karros said...

Apart from the seemingly conflictory 1 and 7, let me rank in order of worst to not-as-bad: 10,9,3,5,8,4,2,6

MR.F said...

Agree with FB. Post the VaGiant's fan's number here please.

Raintes said...

Both my bobbleheads were broken too. Took them back to the people giving them out. Directed me to a Dodgers customer rep, the guy said this to me: "Deal with it. Get out of my sight." Currently typing a huge email to a Dodger rep.

Kyle Baker said...

Don't know if yall saw my GT post. I had a shitty experience with my bobble, too. Was handed the bobble, walked 12 feet away to get a beer and noted the box was all jacked up. Turned around and went back to ask for another, and APRIL THOMPSON of Dodgers guest services, a right rude wench, told me that there was nothing I could do. I was incredulous. They had JUST handed the box to me. It's not like I took it camping and screwed it up on my own. I wasn't trying to work any deal or anything. I just wanted a working bobble, as was my due for being a paying customer for that game and more than 20 other games year in and year out. Nope, she wouldn't help. Thanks, Dodgers guest services! Keep up the fine work! Now I have a Loney bobble whose head hangs limply to the side, and I have to put tissue up the side of the head cavity so it will look vaguely normal.