Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Post-Game 95 Thread: Chad, You Complete Me


Chad Billingsley threw the Dodgers' first complete game of the season tonight.

Update 11:50p from Sax: Haters be silenced, as Billingsley stopped the bleeding of a six-game losing streak, giving Joe Torre a win on his managerial record even though he spent the game up in Ned Colletti's suite. Bills had 125 pitches, 80 for strikes, with 5 H, 2 BB, and 3 Ks. Casey Blake went 2-for-4 and had both RBI, including swatting his 10th HR of the year in the second inning. Lost in the box score will also be the fact that Bills' complete game saved Hong-Chih Kuo from having to pitch consecutive nights, always a concern given Kuo's rubber-band elbow tendons.

Dodgers remain six games back of the Padres, who also won, but knocked the second-place Giants to four back of first place. Bring on SoSG Delino's Mets, with almost an identical record, for a four-game series at the Stadium starting tomorrow.

photo by Mark J. Terrill/AP


MR.F said...

Thank you Chad!

Kyle Baker said... re-watch...tonight's game.

Dusty, out.

rbnlaw said...

Fuck me in the ar. . .oh wait.

OK, I'm optimistic that this is the start of big things to come including moves in the next week and a half.

I'm also skeptical, knowing the Dodgers' track record at the deadline.

I guess I'm optical. I still do not take my powers lightly.
Track record:
I mention HLACK, and he appears.
I mention Ethier hitting again, and he goes yard.
I mention Booger (at the behest of DB), and he posts for the first time in months.
I say the Dodgers can get back to their winning ways, and they put up a CGSO.

Just sayin'.

Steve Sax said...

I'll be back in time to watch tomorrow's game. I'm hoping for big things against the Mets.

Eric Karros said...

That is actually pretty impressive rbn. A word of warning: use your powers with discretion or you may lose them.

FYI I claim partial credit for the Ethier mention/HR.

rbnlaw said...

Of course, EK. I'll give you first and second; I'll take third and home plate of the HR.

I take no credit for the implosion.

Kyle Baker said...

Whoa...Booger showed up after our exchange? I wondered what happened with that. Now I can close the books on that (I'm being serious; I had that on my list of things to do).

Greg Zakwin said...

Kuo still warmed up a night after pitching two innings, both of which are huge problems.