Saturday, April 11, 2009

Loney Enters the Grid

(Click on the graphic for a clearer version.)

...Sports Illustrated's Pop Culture Grid, that is. Thanks to SoSG reader Bryan for alerting us to SI's latest PCG, in which we learn that James is quite media-savvy and may or may not have brother issues.

And be sure to check out SoSG's very own version of the Pop Culture Grid to discover the mundane habits of non-millionaire, non-pro athlete bloggers and readers. We're just as interesting, promise!

photo by Chuck Solomon/SI


Damon said...

Loney and Ethier switch spots in the order today. Kemp is still in the 7 hole :(

Bryan said...

This is something you only get if you see the whole grid, but James loney is the only one who responded to the gossip girl question with something other than "i don't know what that is"

karina said...

There is strong evidence James Loney might be a chicster (i.e. he listens to John Legend!) .He could know Gossip Girl due to the heavy buzz that the styling on the show receives.