Monday, November 03, 2008

Connect Four: Round 3

If ever two Connect Four columns deserved a win, it was last round, where Quad's Column F and Neeebs' and Steve's Column D waged an epic battle. Both columns left it all out on the post, but only one could emerge triumphant: Column F.

On to Round 3!

Round 3
What should be the Readers' next move?
Column A
Column B
Column C
Column D
Column E
Column F
Column G
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QuadSevens said...

Column D

At the risk of giving away too much strategy, here's my thoughts. Column D prevents the writers from building up too much in the center of the board. It also allows us to start a diagonal attack in two directions. Plus, moving anywhere besides Column D means that our next move would have to be Column D (writers move would be Column D giving them three in a row there). Might as well move there and get some benefit out of it.

QuadSevens said...

Just for fun...

MR.F said...

Quad brings up a good point. The writers can see our strategic discussions! But we can't see theirs.

Eric Karros said...

Don't worry Fanerman, we can't see ours either

Orel said...

Nice find, Q7!

cigarcow said...

These commenters are playing to not lose, rather than playing to win.

Orel said...

Connect Four color commentary!

Eric Karros said...

Defense wins championships

Steve Sax said...

Hey EK, I forget, are we red or black?