Friday, November 28, 2008

Nostry, Bored With SoSG, Slums Over At ESPN Magazine

Look who popped up in the December 1 issue of ESPN the Magazine...none other than Nostradamus, frequent SoSG commenter.

Stuart Scott's column reads as follows:

CJ (Philly): Call me Nostradamus, Stu. I predict that of all of your TV appearances, the one you'll show your grandkids the most is of you playing hoops with Barack Obama.

CJ, does it realy take a Nostradamus to figure that out? That's like predicting that when people go back to look at the history of basketball they'll watch a reel of MJ highlights. Of course I'm going to show my grandkids that video. I've shown it to my kids 14 times already.

Nostry! Why are you slumming with anyone who hangs out with the cast of "She Spies"? I mean, I know it's boring around here at SoSG (probably even more so since you know what's going to happen), but come on, now.


Nostradamus said...

CJ from Philly: be careful who you impersonate, buddy.