Thursday, November 06, 2008

Rumors Circulate That Colletti Sought $32M/Year For Manny

Rumors are coming out now that Ned Colletti's first option for an offer to retain Manny Ramirez' services, was to offer a $32M/year deal. The original deal was constructed such that the Dodgers would contribute $25M/year, and the Red Sox would reprise their role during the 2008 season by chipping in another $7M/year to fund Manny's salary.

"My hope was that [Red Sox GM Theo] Epstein was going to entertain this option," said Dodgers GM Ned Colletti, "having gotten used to contributing $7M for a player to help another team reach--and advance in--the playoffs."

"Unfortunately," continued Colletti, "Theo didn't bite this time. So here we are, at the $25M-per-year offer."

Colletti would not answer questions as to whether the Red Sox' noblesse extended to any portion of the current $25M offer. However, he did say the Dodgers would be open to giving a small royalty percentage on future dreadlock wig sales, so long as the Red Sox keep .220 hitter Jason Varitek the hell away from Los Angeles.


Eric Karros said...

I guess I could live with around $5 million/yr of Manny's salary from the Sox. But anything less and Ned should be fired.