Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Relax. Russell Martin Isn't Going Anywhere.

Let's put an end to this stupid rumor right now. From Keith Law at ESPN.com:

When asked if Russell Martin was available, Dodgers GM Ned Colletti said "No."


Confirmation from the LA Times:

Reports stating that the Dodgers are looking to trade catcher Russell Martin or move him to third base are untrue, Colletti said.


Colletti denies Martin trade rumors (Dodgers.com)


Baseball Cynic said...

Thank you. This was starting to bug me.

Steve Sax said...

Peter Gammons must be stopped.

Lasorda said...

Not so fast, people. From John Perrotto's article posted yesterday at Baseball Prospectus (subscription required):

"The Dodgers are telling teams that they are willing to move catcher Russell Martin in the right trade, and the Marlins are among those interested. If the Dodgers deal Martin, they will make a pitch to sign Varitek."

/banging head against desk

karina said...

Why on earth they would want to trade Russell Martin? great catching talent is very scarce right now. Besides he's already a franchise player. It can't be and if it is, this team will break my heart very deeply.