Friday, October 31, 2008

C-4 Thursdays Now On Friday!

Yes, I know just yesterday I said Connect Four would be played on Thursdays. But a sudden cancellation of a business trip has left me with some unexpected free time, as well as an oddly powerful desire to get this game past the opening stages. So last round, you folks picked Column C in a landslide. The Game Board has been updated accordingly, as well as with the Writers' subsequent move. On to Round 2!

Round 2
Where should the readers put their next piece?
Column A
Column B
Column C
Column D
Column E
Column F
Column G
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QuadSevens said...

Column F

Playing Connect Four in such a slow manner is difficult. I once won 15 matches in a row at a friends house. But each match was finished in a couple minutes, not weeks.

Eric Karros said...

Crap, I didn't realize we were going up against a 15-wins-in-a-row player.

I know a guy who once won 16 games in a row. He was saying 'Column A' would be a good next move for the Readers.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Quad, you need to think outside the box.

Its "D".

I'm older than you, I know things.


Unknown said...

I'm with Neeebs... I like D. It's a long-term strategy that will pay off later.

MR.F said...

This thread needs more discussion before I can make a decision.

Much like in the November election, I need to find out who's endorsing which option. By comparing my preferences with those of the endorsers, I can figure out how to vote.

Baseball Cynic said...

I want my voter's guide first.