Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank You to Our Veterans

Almost every day my dog and I walk past the house of a veteran. How do I know? There's the United States Marine Corps flag he flies in addition to the American flag. And there's the THANK A VETERAN bumper sticker on his truck.

I've seen this former Marine outside his house a few times. He's older now, with a full head of white hair, but still stands tall, well over six feet. If he's intimidating now—and he is—I can only imagine what a badass he must have been in his prime.

I've always wanted to follow the directive on his bumper sticker and thank the man for his service, but have only mustered a tight-lipped smile or a nod and a mumbled "Sir" (how pandering of me!) the few times we've made eye contact.

But I can say it here! Thank you to our veterans. It hardly seems enough, but Veteran's Day at least gives us a place to start.

And one day I'll work up the nerve to say thank you to that Marine.

(Interested in donating to veterans' causes? Consider Fisher House -- Helping Military Families.)

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Finally did it! Saw him outside his house, steeled my nerves and said thank you. Of course, he was perfectly pleasant. Said, "That was 63 years ago!" Amazing.

photo from Cape & Islands Detachment 955 Marine Corps League