Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Rumors Persist About Peter Gammons Trade from ESPN to Yahoo! Sports

Continuing to echo through the hallways of the GM meetings in Dana Point are rumors about ESPN pundit Peter Gammons getting traded to Yahoo! Sports for Kevin Kaduk; Gammons would apparently pick up Kaduk's "Big League Stew" blog beat.

For Gammons, widely identified as the sole source of unyielding misinformation about a supposed Russell-Martin-for-Jason-Varitek trade, this would indeed be an ironic twist. Gammons, who has made no secret of his disdain for the Dodgers' role in the Manny Ramirez two-month rental deal (fully funded by his own Boston Red Sox team!), has looked to fuel the fire of trade rumors about a number of the Dodgers' young core of future all-stars, particularly Martin.

From an anonymous blogger writing about "Five baseball columnists we are watching to see if they end up on the trade market":

Peter Gammons. Some sports media officials have spread the word that Gammons will either be let go from ESPN altogether or traded to Yahoo! Sports, with a straight-up trade for Big League Stew editor Kevin Kaduk a possibility. Whether or not it actually happens will be somewhat interesting to see, but sites looking forward to pick up a three-time Sportswriter of the Year and future Baseball Hall of Famer would do a headfirst dive to get in on Gammons, who turns 65 in April 2009. I've also heard that the San Diego Union-Tribune is making a major push on Gammons and Bill Simmons.

Could the Gammons trade rumors be true? Stay tuned, sports (media) fans, as the hot stove league fires up this month.


Kduck said...

C'mon SoSG! Everyone knows ESPN wouldn't be able to afford the millions left on my contract!

Steve Sax said...

True that. And you'd have to get a lot more crotchety.

On the other hand, does Yahoo! Sports give you silver pass access to Disneyworld?

Orel said...

You'd think Gammons would be smart enough to have full no-trade protection.

Steve Sax said...

If they can get rid of Harold Reynolds on a dime, they can get rid of Gammons. Everyone is disposable.