Monday, November 03, 2008

Olney Votes Sabathia Over Manny

In the latest ESPN the Magazine (11/3/08), Buster Olney has a piece "Countdown to the Hot Stove League" in which he opines on Jake Peavy (likely a Brave in 2009), other out-of-nowhere teams (a la the 2008 Rays) in 2009 (Marlins, Indians, Padres, and A's), and the following on the two biggest free agent names this off-season:

[CC] Sabathia was going to cash in this winter no matter what, but he increased his value even more by hoisting the Brewers onto his broad shoulders and carrying them into the playoffs, pitch counts be damned. If the 28-year-old lefty wants the biggest deal, the Yankees are prepared to offer a king's ransom, plus New Jersey. But all things being equal, Sabathia would prefer to go home to California and play in the NL, where the .261 career hitter can swing the bat. If you were the Dodgers and had $100 million-plus to spend, would you invest in the volatile and unpredictable [Manny] Ramírez, or in the younger and more team-oriented Sabathia? It's a no-brainer.

Man, I am honestly really torn on this one. We could use an ace like Sabathia, sure. But we also need some pop in the lineup and Manny, headcase and all, has been one hell of an offensive spark. Which one to pursue?!

The only thing I do know is, whenever Ned Colletti and Frank McCourt have had large sums of money to spend, they've spent it foolishly or at best unluckily (Jason Schmidt, Juan Pierre, Andruw Jones). So I guess whichever one we get, if at all, is probably destined to bomb with us in 2009.


Unknown said...

I vote Sabathia.

Dusto_Magnifico said...

I don't think we get either.

Ned has it set up so we get complimentary players.

Crede, Durham, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, types. No big time contracts.

Orel said...

With all that money coming off the payroll?

karina said...

I think they should spend 70% on the star player, whether is starting pitcher or power hitter. The team need a good replacement catcher so Martin doesn't wear out so quickly, they also need some depth (good defense and some contact) on the infield, specially if Furcal leaves. Market for good third basemen and catchers is thin right now, unless they look for those replacement players on the farm.