Friday, November 21, 2008

Thank You, Bud, For That Crystal Clarity

According to an edict from the baseball deity known as Bud Selig, there are now three types of baseball games which will not be shortened by weather:

NEW YORK -- There has never been a rain-shortened game in the postseason, and now there never will be.

Baseball commissioner Bud Selig announced the sport will enact a rules change stating that postseason games cannot be shortened because of bad weather.

"All postseason games, All-Star games and that, will be full-length affairs, and the rule will be so written," Selig said Thursday following an owners' meeting.

Okay, so let's recap the types of games that would qualify under the Selig edict:
1. All postseason games.
2. All-Star games.
3. That.

What the hell is "that"? And what is up with "...and the rule will be so written"? Since when does Bud Selig think he's Moses, or possibly Thor?

Selig said the change also will apply to tiebreaker games that decide division titles and wild-card berths.

"Any game that has significance for the postseason," he said. "It will be very clear now. Everybody will know exactly."

Wait a minute, but doesn't every game have significance for the postseason? What if it's game 162 with playoff implications? Or game 161? Or game 40?

Yeah, it's really clear now, Bud. Thanks.


Alex Cora said...

GIve him a break, he was just trying to be Lo-ki.

Eric Karros said...

What the hel is Selig talking about?

Alex Cora said...

Selig just wants to be crystal clear and hammer his point home.

Steve Sax said...

I'm going to ignorse you two punsters.

Baseball Cynic said...

It wasn't Moses but Pharoah who said "It shall be written, it shall be so". (i.e. Charlton Heston vs. Yul Brenner).

Rob said...

Justht thinking about Bud Thelig maketh me thor.