Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Vote on Prop M vs. Prop CC at SoSG

Happy Election Day! Here's something else for you to vote in:

Which free agent would you rather see the Dodgers sign?
Manny Ramirez
CC Sabathia
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Eric Karros said...

10 to 4 Manny so far (10 to 3 excluding my vote)? I'm surprised it's so one-sided. I'd love to sign Manny, but if the choice is between him or CC, I say be careful about marrying someone with a history of betrayal based on 10 weeks of good (ok, excellent) behavior. Those 10 weeks hypnotized me too, but once his incentive to shine is gone, who knows what'll happen. Plus he'll be 37 two months into next season.

karina said...

Voted Manny. I guess i'm just confident on home-grown young Dodgers pitching and Manny still has his batting skills intact. However, if the team doesn't know what to do with Pierre and Jones, i'd hate to see Ethier waxing in and out again. These group of young Dodgers have been the most exciting the team has had since the middle of the 90's, specially when this youth has some postseason experience.

Steve Sax said...

Just remember, voting "yes" on either proposition means a commensurate increase in "taxes" (ticket prices, price of beer, having to watch Frankie McCourt trot out in front of the press stealing the spotlight instead of shining it on our newest marquee player).