Monday, November 10, 2008

R.I.P., Preacher Roe

Pee Wee Reese, Jackie Robinson and Preacher Roe celebrate in the clubhouse after beating the Yankees in Game 3 of the 1952 World Series.

Via Dodger Thoughts comes the news that former Dodger pitcher Preacher Roe has died. What do you need to know about Preacher Roe? From his website:

Branch Rickey took him into the Brooklyn Dodger family in 1948. There he became one of the greatest pitchers of the era. Losing the pennant in 1951 yet going on to make the "Pitcher of the Year" title by The Sporting News for his 22-3, National League record of .880. Pitching in 3 World Series (1949, 1952, 1953), Preacher stayed with the Dodger organization until 1954 when he bought a grocery store in West Plains, MO, and retired from baseball in a gentlemen's agreement with Brooklyn Dodger owner, Walter O'Malley.

Don't see many gentlemen's agreements these days.

AP photo


berkowit28 said...

Nor gentlemen.

Still, I wonder what that means. What kind of agreement? "I'll retire at the end of next season, and you [do what?]...?" Did the Dodgers set him up with his grocery store, or what? Or "You let me out of my contract so I can retire, and I'll [what?]"

Orel said...

Maybe he promised not to sign with another team? Which would be another rarity.

Rad said...

Gentlemen's agreement, what a novel concept in sports :)
Carlos Boozer should take a lesson, he really did Cleveland dirty with the way he left. nice post.