Friday, November 07, 2008

Dinesh & Rinku Can Bring the Heat

Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel and their friend Deepesh with Barry Bonds.

Will the Dodgers break another international barrier? From Diamond:

Dodgers look to India

The Dodgers had three scouts present yesterday in Tempe for a showcase of two intriguing pitching prospects from India. Yes, India, which has never produced a major leaguer and is cricket country.

Eight months after owner Frank McCourt told the Chinese people that he wanted to Dodgers to be the first team to go to India, the Dodgers were among the big league teams who took a good look at 19-year-olds Dinesh Patel and Rinku Singh.

Their story is quite amazing, and it detailed on their awesome blog as the two former javelin throwers who had never seen a baseball before May could be on the verge of being signed to professional contracts.

Singh was the winner of the Indian reality television show "The Million Dollar Arm," which sought to uncover pitching talent in a nation with a population of more than one billion. Patel impressed enough to and was brought over to the U.S. be molded by USC pitching coach Tom House.


India the next addition to scouting map? (


Bucs sign pair of Indian hurlers (


Celsius1414 said...

Love this quote from the USC game:

"The American Football players are so big and have such huge muscles you would not even believe it. Each time they hit each other we are told it is like being in a car accident. These men hit each other many times per match. praise Allah that we have won a baseball contest and a not a football one. i don’t think we could even take a hitting once."

jose said...

Their blog is great:

Next we went to the USC Football Game. We walked along campus and everyone was set up outdoors with booths for food and selling USC items. Many people who have graduated from USC apparently now come back to eat outside along this route, but we do not understand why.

Eric Karros said...

If everyone in India would chip in 5 cents, we could pay Manny for 2 years!