Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Stirring the Manny Pot

From Diamond:

Dodgers offer Manny

The Dodgers have offered Manny Ramirez a multi-year contract that could pay the slugger the second-highest annual salary ever. General Manager Colletti cited the lesser of Alex Rodriguez's 10-year deals and also Johan Santana's as being the second, so that means the offer is between $23 million and $25.2 million per season. He indicated it was a shorter deal for more money, so the total of the deal is likely either $50 million for two years or $75 million for three years.


Alex Cora said...

Manny and Pot....hehehe.

Loney Fan said...

Here is my conspiracy theory. Boras demanded the highest/year, even if it was only a dollar more than A-rod makes, so manny could have that title. The dodgers don't want to pay that much, but also know that there will be a fan revolt if they don't offer him a ton of dough. So they offer him 25/year, lower than A-rod, knowing that Manny wont accept. Then they can make Manny the bad guy when he declines the offer.