Friday, November 21, 2008

SoSG Mystery Competition: Can You Smell What The Blog Is Cooking?

Ok folks, here's the next tranche of information about the mystery competition. The draft has been completed, and the competition's four teams stand as follows below* (they were formed using a 1-2-3-4-4-3-2-1 methodology based on the sequence you commented in the previous post):

Team A: Ryan, John G, Eric Stephen, Pablo
Team B: Karina, QuadSevens, Cigarcow, Bryan
Team C: Loney Fan, Tony, Fanerman, Dusto Magnifico
Team D: Dr. Geek, Steve, Ryan McGowan, Arrogant Bastard

Take a good look at your teammates, Readers, because from today onward, the men and women you see at your side are the only friends you've got.

There will be another post next week, before the Thanksgiving holiday, that will finally reveal the details of the competition, and the competition itself kicks off the following Monday, Dec 1. Until then, each team has a homework assignment: to come up with a team name. Just post your suggestions for your team name here (nothing truly offensive, and please keep it under, say, 16 characters), and I'll use my power as commissioner to pick one suggestion for each team.

Otherwise, rest up your mind and body for the impending battle, and stay tuned!

*My apologies to Julie Hibbard, DanGarion, Matthew, Jackie, and Baseball Cynic who missed the cutoff. You will be given special consideration if the competition expands in the future.

Update: Also, please make sure you know how to capture a screenshot on your computer. This will be important


Dusto_Magnifico said...

He Man Juan Pierre Haters Club

Jimbo said...

The Savage Ravines

That is my suggestion.

Steve Sax said...

Some suggestions:

Team A: Team A

Team B: Karina QuadSevens Cigarcow Bryan

Team C: Not Teams A, B, or D

Team D: Andruw Jones

Loney Fan said...

Ouch, harsh name suggestion for Team D

Ryan McGowan said...

Let's go team D. In honor of my 2-7 B league softball team let's go with "Suicide Squeeze" for team name. Sorry Angels fans, wait...there's no Angels fans following this blog.

Ryan said...

Team A - here are some thoughts on a team name:

Bowa's Bruisers
$$ Bills Ya'll
Boras = Satan
Andruw can't bat his weight

I'm completely open to any I read mine back, I'm extremely disappointed by my lack of creativity.

Sound off!

Dusto_Magnifico said...

In honor of FJM "Fuck the Heck".

Dusto_Magnifico said...


Loney Fan said...

Team C: Little McCourt Urban Achievers

John G said...

Left on Base

karina said...

Rancho Ardiendo?

I don't know about Cigarcow and Bryan, QuadSevens and i might be into Star Wars, how about:

Red Five

something like that...what do my teammates say?

Eric Karros said...

Good suggestions so far, everyone.

By the way, another useful homework assignment would be to learn how to capture a screenshot if you don't already know how. This will be important.

Eric Stephen said...

I fully endorse Juan For Five for Team A. Some other suggestions:

The Stuntmen (homage to the 1988 bench)
RISPy Business (although Left on Base is good)
Touching Tom Paciorek

Jimbo said...

What about "The Philadelphia Phillies"?

They've dashed the hopes of every Dodger fan once, surely they can do it again.

Jimbo said...

Other suggestions:

- More Hits Than Sweeney
- Sweeneying for the Fences
- Sweeney Sour Pork
- Scott Proctor's Dangling Arm
- Bullpen Confessions of a Proctor-logist
- Andruw Jones' Favorite Buffet

QuadSevens said...

Red Five Research
Star Whores (Zack and Miri)
Han Solo Homer

I'm keep thinking of terrible porn names. Zack and Miri was one funny movie!

How about "The Dutch Rudders"?

karina said...

Loving the Kevin Smith-Star Wars-Simpsons names, Quad.

I just thought on Big Blue Wrecking Crew, but it's a pale effort compared to your names, Quad.

Bryan, Cigarcow?

Ryan said...

Team A:

Let's narrow it down a bit...

1. Left on Base
2. RISPy Business
3. Juan-for-five
4. Whatever Pablo suggests...

I'm up for any of the initial three. Great stuff!

MR.F said...

GSoSG: Grand-Sons of Steve Garvey

John G said...

im good with any of the team a) names too.

Loney Fan said...

I was going to say EK's favorites, but I like Fanerman's better.

Loney Fan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MR.F said...

It's a palindrome!!!

Arrogant Bastard said...

Team D:
1: Muy Macho Moustaches (Kent homage)
2: 31.5 Mil Per Win (Schmidt homage)
3: If I had a donut for every hit, I'd be Andruw Jones (Jones homage)

Jimbo said...

Man, a lot of these suggestions sound like lame hippie-jam bands. :o :D

Pablo said...

Going off of Juan-for-five...
I'm a big fan of Yawn Pierre

QuadSevens said...

How about an SNL Jeopardy themed set of team names:

Buck Futters!
The Penis Mightier
Turd Ferguson

cigarcow said...

Clearly I'm no good at naming things. Screen names, email addresses, pets, etc. So I'll suggest "Bacon" and then I'll vote for whatever name everyone else likes. I like Star Wars, if that's part of it.

cigarcow said...

I also like any team name that bashes Juan Pierre or Mariano Duncan.

Dusto_Magnifico said...

Juan Pierre school for children who cant throw good and wanna learn to do other stuff good.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Wow, I'm out of the office for three days and I miss the Mystery Competition.


Loney Fan said...

Quad, a man after my own heart! I love those names, and I am jealous you came up with them first.

Unknown said...

I like all of the Team D ideas! Except for Sax's suggestion of Andruw Jones... there's no way we can be that bad!