Monday, October 06, 2008

Kurkjian Again With The Five Questions Dealio

Once again, here comes's Tim Kurkjian with a new set of five questions about the Dodgers-Phillies NLCS.

Now recall, this is Kurkjian, who had predicted the Cubs to go all the way, winning the World Series in seven games. And now he's picking the Dodgers in seven games for the NLCS.


Well, since it worked well last time, here are more cliff notes answers to go with their corresponding questions:

  • 1. Pretty good so far, especially with rest.
  • 2. More potent than the NLDS would have you believe. Like a flashlight in a cave, bats are gonna wake.
  • 3. Very important; hey, it's a contract year, so there's motivation.
  • 4. Let's hope not.
  • 5. Yes, especially with rest.


Unknown said...

Please note at the bottom of the article the disparity between the IQ of Phillie fans and Dodger fans.