Monday, October 13, 2008

The Pantheon of Post-1988 Dodger Playoff Win Heroes, Part 4

More additions to the Pantheon, for the first time with an NLCS in it! There's still room for more....

Thank you, Hiroki Kuroda, for another clutch start, six innings of two-run ball, and one that got away inside!

Thank you, Manny Ramirez, for two runs scored and for firing the team up by taking on the world (without getting ejected) in the top of the third!

Thank you, Blake DeWitt, for your bases-clearing triple in the first, opening up a five-run first inning!



Johnny Blanchard said...

You know, I believe Shawn Green hit two home runs in the 2004 game.

Steve Sax said...

Is that you again, Shawn?

In all seriousness, Lima's pitching performance, and histrionics, make him the sole representative of that 2004 game. Green was never one for many histrionics, unless you call discarding batting gloves a crowd-charger.