Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jake Peavy in Dodger Blue in 2009?

Angels, Dodgers On Peavy's Short List (6-4-2)


Ryan said...

As a Dodger fan living in San Diego, and a Padres season ticket holder (I gotta catch my baseball somewhere!), NOTHING IN THIS WORLD WOULD MAKE ME HAPPIER THAN TO SEE JAKE PEAVY IN DODGER BLUE!

How do you beat the 1 pitcher that has absolutely DOMINATED your roster every time you have played? Simple, you trade for him!

Oh man, I am forwarding this to all my Padre buddies. This would be equivalent to about 2 tons of salt in their 99-loss-season wound.

Side note, could you imagine if we let Lowe and Penny walk and replaced them with Peavy and Sabathia? F-I-L-T-H-Y!!!

Orel said...

A little early Hot Stove action for you!

Ryan said...

Me: Jason, what would you do with that Peavy jersey if he became a Dodger?

Jason: Let me start by saying f@$! you.

And what I would do with my Peavy Jersey is strangle your ass until you turned Dodger blue.

And let me end it by saying f@$! you.

Thank you SOSG. That email reaction was exactly what I was looking for. PRICELESS!!!

Orel said...

We aim to annoy!