Thursday, October 09, 2008

Kuo Takes Saito's Place on NLCS Roster

As announced by the Dodgers early this morning, Takashi Saito's spot on the 25-man roster is now occupied by Hong-Chih Kuo. I take it, this means that the maladies that prevented Kuo from being on the NLDS roster have been resolved; or, manager Joe Torre continues to have large concerns about Saito's viability (concerns which were probably not put to rest after Saito's poor NLDS Game 1 performance).

The Dodgers' NLCS roster:

Pitchers (11)
LHP Joe Beimel
RHP Chad Billingsley
RHP Jonathan Broxton
LHP Clayton Kershaw
LHP Hong-Chih Kuo
RHP Hiroki Kuroda
RHP Derek Lowe
RHP Greg Maddux
RHP James McDonald
RHP Chan Ho Park
RHP Cory Wade

Position Players (14)
C Danny Ardoin
IF Angel Berroa
IF Casey Blake
IF Blake DeWitt
OF Andre Ethier
IF Rafael Furcal
IF Nomar Garciaparra
OF Matt Kemp
IF Jeff Kent
IF James Loney
C Russell Martin
IF Pablo Ozuna
OF Juan Pierre
OF Manny Ramirez

UPDATE: More information from

An unusual bullpen session after the Dodgers' Wednesday workout didn't convince club officials that Saito's mechanics were consistent enough to pitch effectively.

Saito's spot on the roster will be taken by left-handed reliever Hong-Chih Kuo, who has recovered enough from elbow problems of his own, despite pitching in only one game over the past month.


Orel said...

Save us Jonathan Broxton, you're our only hope!

QuadSevens said...

If Kuo can feel the ball again, he'll be a great backup guy incase one of the starters get knocked around early. Good long relief in the playoffs can be a great way to stop a hot hitting team. But let's hope our starters are excellent again, and we won't need to use him.

Mike Scioscia's tragic illness said...

If the Dodgers don't make it past the Phillies, has the thought crossed anyone's mind that we may have seen the last of Takashi Saito in Dodger blue for good? Would be sad.

Unknown said...

Today is not the time for sad thoughts!! Let's remain positive shall we? :-)