Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dodgers Dream Foundation Nets $100 Donation

...but the noteworthy part is why it came and from whom it was sent:

Bob Natiello, who grew up in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, is a retired New York advertising executive living in Sedona, Ariz. But in a letter to me not long ago, he pleaded guilty to his life of crime as a turnstile boy at Ebbets Field in 1944, when a seventh-place Dodgers team played there. Instead of turning over his confession to the authorities, I’m reprinting much of it here, with his permission, as a lesson to anyone who may be tempted to betray an employer. [...]

“I’ve discovered, that there is no statute of limitations on conscience,” Natiello wrote. “To ease mine, the enclosed $100 check, payable to the Los Angeles Dodgers, should wipe the slate clean. It includes a reasonable amount to cover six decades of accrued interest. I hope it’s enough to atone for the $6 larceny that took place over 60 years ago.”

In response, [Dodger owner Frank] McCourt wrote: “I have no doubt the lessons you learned as that young boy have served you well throughout your life. Jiminy Cricket could have learned a few things from your example. I have forwarded your generous refund to the Dodgers Dream Foundation so that your good deed lives on to do good for others. Please consider yourself ‘caught up.’ ”

Hat tip to 6-4-2, for helping me overcome my disappointment at missing tonight's Game 3 victory in person.