Monday, October 20, 2008

Baseball Writers Everywhere Band Together to Help Fox Sports

Depressed by the lost opportunity for the ratings bonanza that would have been a Los Angeles Dodgers / Boston Red Sox World Series, baseball writers everywhere have joined forces to try and underline why a Philadelphia Phillies / Tampa Bay Rays World Series is not only a relevant news story, but deserving of our television-directed attention.

Now if this was just on, that would be one thing.

But no, we've got's John Donovan stating ten reasons why this will be a World Series worth watching (when #7 has to reference the catwalk-obscured space-station-like fuzzy-carpet arena known as Tropicana Field, you know it's a desperate list). And we've got Jayson Stark over at giving us five reasons to embrace [a] Phillies-Rays matchup (even though Stark's five points are already referenced in Donovan's aforementioned ten points).

Even the New York Times talks about the dormant rivalry between the squads, a reasonably entertaining hook made more entertaining when one realizes it's talking about the proximity of the teams' spring training sites (as if nothing fires teams up in October like the no-holds-barred all-out head-to-head play in late February).

Look, I'll be watching the 2008 World Series, because I'm a baseball fan. Both teams have a nice backstory, and I don't need a former Philadelphia Inquirer reporter to underline the relevance of a series that, to be honest, most of the country will likely wholly disregard (including ESPN, which will probably only cover the World Series from the Red Sox' perspective).

It should make for some entertaining evenings in October, if for no other reason that I will no longer have to run screaming from the room to avoid the omnipresent Frank TV ads. Whoo hoo!


cigarcow said...

Haha, this made 7-up come out of my nose: (including ESPN, which will probably only cover the World Series from the Red Sox' perspective).