Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Cole Hamels Thinks You Don't Care

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Cole Hamels, the Phillies' starter for Game 1 on Thursday night, is a southern California native. He's looked at both sides now. There were, he said on Wednesday before the Phillies' workout, more diverse activities to occupy one's time on the West Coast. But, he said, fan intensity at baseball games wasn't close.

"On the West Coast, I think when I went to the games we arrived at the third inning and left by the eighth," Hamels said. "You had to wake up the next morning to see if the team won, versus the East Coast, they're here. They'll be after the game cheering you on. I think that's been great for what I've experienced and great for a player. And that's something you want to play in front of.

"So it's just something where I love the West Coast, don't get me wrong," Hamels added with a smile. "I hope they don't kill me now. They're never going to invite me back. It's just something that the East Coast, they're more passionate and more involved, and I think that just brings the love of the game a little bit more."


Unknown said...

I always think it's funny how players make these kind of comments and then get traded.

Orel said...

That would be some poetic justice. But Philly would be insane to trade Hamels.

Unknown said...

That's what I hear. I haven't watched him pitch yet, but word is he's the "real deal".
As far as trading him....I meant more like in his "twilight" years.

Orel said...

You mean like Greg Maddux now?

Unknown said...

Ha! You got it. He keeps it on the down low.

Julie Hibbard said...

I get SO tired of hearing people say that Dodgers fans--or "West Coast Fans" arrive late and leave early. First off, I have NEVER been less than an hour early for a Dodgers game...LOVE to get there, watch BP and have my hot dog while I watch the stadium fill up...AND, in my WHOLE life I have never left a game before it was over. NEVER.
If I had been any more passionate about the game last Saturday (which I was TWO HOURS early to!) I would have had a freaking heart attack! I just put that game ahead of the birth of my children as the greatest event of my life!
I'm offended, Cole. And I am adding this to the MANY reasons that I hope you lose tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Julie - right? You are right on. If at all possible I'm there an hour ahead of each game and I don't leave until I've sung "I Love LA".
The first and last time I ever left early was when I went to the game with some friends from work who didn't know a fly-ball from fly-paper. (Do they still make fly paper??)
They begged me to leave in the 8th and I gave in. Guess who came up to close. My other son "Eric Gagne". I could hear the music from the parking lot and I swore "never again".
That ol story about the Dodger fans leaving early is growing boring and tiresome. (Was that Dieter?)
I may have to jump someone in the parking lot!(j/k)

StolenMonkey86 said...

It's funny though, because the postseason is a completely different animal. Heck, people even go to Marlins games when they play in October.

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

I grew up going to Eagles and Phillies games. You've never really lived until you hear a drunken 4th quarter crowd unable to spell out E-A-G-L-E-S.

That, in a nutshell, is philly fans. I miss them so.