Sunday, October 19, 2008

Congratulations, Rays

Now go beat the stuffing out of the Phillies!


photo by Elsa/Getty Images


Steve Sax said...

And somewhere in New York City, a Fox Sports executive weeps.

Orel said...

You mean the same Fox that traded Mike Piazza? Good.

Xeifrank said...

Yes, congratulations to the Rays. One more series to go.
vr, Xei

Julie Hibbard said...

And I am still weeping too.
What does everyone else do til March now?
I'm already bored.
And I miss Vinnie saying goodnight to me.

karina said...

Julie, two words for you: winter baseball and/or instructional league.

I think lots of players in the Dodgers farm system are playing in Dominican Republic, obviously because they have an academy there. In Venezuela, as far as i know, Alberto Bastardo (P, class A, Caribes), Carlos Hernandez (P, class A, Magallanes), Cesar Suarez (IF, class A, Tiburones), Ruben Medina (P, class AA, Tiburones), Justin Miller (P, class AAA, Caribes), Luis Maza ;) (Tigres) , who doesn't need any background because he's one of Sax's favorites, Hector Gimenez (IF, class A, Tigres), Juan Gonzalez (IF, class AA, Aguilas -he was the one who traveled to China and a personal favorite-), BJ LaMura (P, split time between AA and AAA, Aguilas) and Heath Totten (he was first released by the organization but ended the season in Las Vegas, Aguilas).

All players mentioned here played in some teams that will be in the Dodgers farm system by next year.

Juan Gonzalez has started in every game of the season so far and he's exceeding expectations (of some, i like his defense, versatily and speed). Totten is just nasty in winter baseball, he won one game this week, he might have won yesterday's game but defense and clutch hitting were disastrous after he left. LaMura will be used as a long reliever and occasional starter, he just pitched a couple of innings and did all right.

Tomorrow is season opener over here!, so hopefully i'll be able to see some Dodgers minor leaguers and my very way beloved Aguilas del Zulia.

Lakers are Winners said...

Orel, you are suddenly a Rays fan. Come on, you said you were a Phillies fan on an ESPN broadcast. Let me get this straight you are a Rays, Phillies, Tigers, Indians and Dodger fan. You dilute the word "Fan: