Thursday, October 09, 2008

Random Pre-NLCS Questions for the Media

Five hours to game time, and I've got a cavalcade of random questions hurtling through my mind about Game 1 of the NLCS. Comment away with your thoughts:

  • At what point of the game does Tim McCarver start launching his venomous anti-Manny opinions? And will Joe Buck tell him to shut up?
  • How many times will Rick Monday refer to Philadelphia as "the city of brotherly love" (in our four-game series at Philly during the regular season, Monday was up to about once per inning)?
  • Who will replace the gaping advertising hole on Fox that was filled by frank tv on TBS?
  • Will Tommy Lasorda still sound pissed off in his AAMCO radio commercial?
  • Given every fly ball in Citizens Bank Park becomes a home run, will Charley Steiner botch any home run calls?
  • What celebrities--NOT including those on Fox shows, of course--will be caught on camera at tonight's game?


Jimbo said...

How many times will Rick Monday try to make a pun out of "brotherly love"?

Unknown said...

Don't forget the sad little PC guy vs the hipster-who-probably-lives-somewhere-near-3rd & Fairfax MAC guy commercials.

QuadSevens said...


The first time Manny throws the ball in with a sidearm flip. And no he won't.

13 (in game 1 alone).

Prison Break and Bones.


He will mistakingly call a HR a flyball out. Then backpedal.

Will Smith, Kevin Bacon, and Bob Saget (all born in Philly) may make appearances.

Steve Sax said...

q7, nice. I feel like you're answering my random questions as efficiently as you would answer puzzles...

...speaking of which, Raffy bobblehead: in hand?

QuadSevens said...

I received it yesterday. I will have some pictures sent in to you guys soon.