Thursday, July 03, 2008

Post-Game 84 Thread: Dodgers Still Undefeated in July!

Today's win against the Astros secured the series win, and keeps the Dodgers undefeated this month! The last time the Dodgers won three games in a row, not involving a hapless Cincinnati Reds team, it was two months ago (May 1-3, vs. FLA/COL).

This sudden outburst of runs has us almost giddy, or maybe it's the holiday giving us rare doses of sunshine. Might our bats finally be declaring their independence from the shackles of binary tyranny? Could we be on the verge of an NL West revolution? Will we launch our own fireworks over the Bay in San Francisco this weekend? (At least we get to see 3-12 Barry Zito on Saturday!)

And a quick shout-out of thanks to Karina, for filling in for us and posting a comment in today's Game Thread early on with the announced lineup for the game. SoSG is a bit short-staffed this holiday weekend, so we appreciate everyone pitching in. See y'all tomorrow afternoon!


karina said...

De nada. Un placer. A la orden. You're welcome.

It's nothing, Sax. I'm glad to help.