Friday, March 02, 2007

Wolf #2

From Steve Henson at the L.A. Times:

KISSIMMEE, FLA. — Discussions over whether Jason Schmidt or Brad Penny is more deserving to occupy the No. 2 spot in the starting rotation behind Derek Lowe can cease, as least temporarily.

It's going to be Randy Wolf.

The left-hander about to begin his first season with the Dodgers is scheduled to start the second game of the season at Milwaukee on April 3. The rotation hasn't been announced by Manager Grady Little, but the order of the first four starters was confirmed by two highly placed sources.

Schmidt would start the third game, putting him on schedule to start the home opener April 9 against the Colorado Rockies. Penny would make his first start in the opener of a three-game series at San Francisco, then start at home against the Rockies, against whom he was 5-1 last season.

Just another reminder that a pitcher's position in the rotation doesn't necessarily correlate to his abilities. Spread the wealth.


Steve Sax said...

The good news is, I will get to see Schmidt at the home opener 4/9.

The bad news is, Penny opens the SF series on the road.